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About Us

Naidunia, an established title of Newspaper from Madhya Pradesh sharing news and information goes back to decades well before there was anything resembling a modern day newspaper. Until the invention of printing, public had to be satisfied with whatever information it was given by official sources, or it had to make do with here say and rumor. As the crusading sprit for a complete newspaper, since its inception Naidunia, Bhopal and Sagar editions have grown to voluminous circulation and subsequently an enormous readership base.

It is often imperative to reach the consumers in their own language. Naidunia dominates the largest Hindi-speaking readers belt, across the length and breadth of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, providing the advertiser with the ever - essential edge over competitors through a single release order.

Printed on one of the finest Web Offset Printing Press, Naidunia providers its readers with the best in print media which translates as an unmatched advantage to the advertisers. Its exclusive editorial contents with topical matter, exclusive columns on national and international policies, latest happenings, sports, films, stock markets, corporate world, art, culture and technology is served to the readers through a large number of reputed news agencies besides its own network of offices across the country.

Can there be a better opportunity than advertise with us? Our newspaper contains coverage of social and political events, elections, public appointments, government edicts, treaties, trials and executions, military news, births, marriages and deaths.